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I offer a full stain removal service. Whilst complete removal of a particular stain is often possible, many factors may affect the outcome. Whilst I will always advise on the likelihood of complete stain removal, no guarantee can be given prior to stain removal commencing. Additionally, in some cases the time, and therefore the cost, required to effect complete stain removal may make it impractical.

I carry a large range of stain removal solutions, however, my success at removing the following typical stains will depend on a number of circumstances.

Spot and stain removal in Crawley, East Grinstead, Horley, Horsham and Reigate

Soft drinks - very good chance of compete stain removal

Blood - previous application of hot solutions or alkaline cleaning products may reduce chances of removing this type of stain.

Urine - when fresh and no previous cleaner used then chance is a lot higher than if there for a long time. Urine can cause the carpet to degrade so we would advise ensuring it is completely removed from the carpet even if a mark is still likely. Carpet type can also affect the likelihood of urine stain removal with wool being the most likely to permanently mark and degrade. 

Vomit - the results are the same as for urine except there can be the additional complication of stains caused by specific dyes in foods that may be brought up.

Yellowing - this can occur for a number of reasons such as wicking from carpet backing from previous spills.

Removing red wine stain

Tea and coffee - tannin can cause permanent staining especially if the drink was hot when spilled.

Rust - dependant on how long the stain has been there and if pressure has been applied such as being caused by metal furniture leg.

Makeup - this can often be removed with the application of special solvents but varies from product to product.


For the following stains I can often improve the current situation, but complete removal may either not be possible or economic:


Sauces, curry etc - dependant on the food dyes used as to how well particular stains can be removed.

Spot and stain removal in RH1, RH2, RH3, RH4, RH5, RH6, RH7, RH8, RH9, RH10, RH11, RH12, RH13, RH14, RH15, RH16, RH17, RH18 & RH19 postcode areas

Filtration soiling - This is the black marking that you may get around the edges of the room and at carpet seams in doorways. The stains can often be improved but rarely removed due to the fine particles affecting the whole length of the yarn.

Paint - Fresh paint is easier than paint that has been there for a while. Gloss paint can often be softened and removed with special solvents. However, where inaccurate painting along skirting boards has led to a line of paint, the time it would take to attempt removal would probably not be economical.

Wood and furniture stains - Due to the nature of these products, removal of "stains" is very unlikely.

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